Happy Happy Happy Happy

Last week, my best friend Rebecca posted that amazing birthday tribute to our friendship and it moved me to tears.

Today is HER birthday, and I know that there is no way that I can write anything as beautiful and wonderful and special as she said, so I can only say that I feel all of that back to her plus more. I was going to just post something dumb like a photo of her butt here or something (not that her butt is dumb--I assure you it is not, but posting a photo of it--and I do have one--would be), but then I found all these wonderful photos of her and us and thought about all the amazing times we've had together and all the laughter and all the life experiences we've shared and all the times she's helped me get out of an emotional ditch, and I got overwhelmed with love. Man, I don't know where I would be without her.

KOKO Pool Photoshoot

REBECCA! You are gorgeous and hilarious and wonderful and loving and nurturing and hysterical and sweet and fun and I love every second that I am with you. Happy Happy Birthday! I am so happy you were born and that you moved to Chicago and that you are who you are!