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Run Run Run!

I've not been blogging too much lately, and that's a shame, cause I feel like I have a lot that I want to talk about. I'm currently in the middle of a calm before the awesome-storm/ trying to piece it all together and figure it out all out time, and that makes me sort of only capable of doing so much. But I look forward to writing more when I can write more.


This Sunday is Fuzzy's marathon! WOOO! Fuzzy is a constant source of inspiration and amazement to me, and I can't wait to cheer him on in New Orleans on Sunday!


My Valentine

I've got the world's best Valentine.


I'm so lucky.

Erica and Fuzzy

Latte Gras

Oh man, Latte is still celebrating Mardi Gras. You can't stop her from partying.

latte gras.jpg



My sweet Memaw Reid passed away last night.

I bet my daddy is happy to see her.

David and his mom

(check out that sweet temporary tattoo on her arm. such a good sport.)

No Big Deal...

This morning, the Don't Spit the Water crew and I met Jim Gaffigan.

Don't Spit the Water on WGN Morning News

And also, Tara from TNA Impact Wrestling and Mike Toomey.

Don't Spit the Water on WGN Morning News

I think this photo pretty much sums it up:

Don't Spit the Water on WGN Morning News

Full set here!

Typical Day


So, in my self-employed-no-day-job life right now, I am still staying super busy. Here's a list of some things that I have going on.

*Producing a TV show
*Producing a one-off Live show & getting an audience for it
*Coordinating auditions for casting TV show
*Planning a baby shower for a friend
*Officiating a wedding in May
*Choreographing a wedding dance for a different wedding
*Choreographing/directing/editing a music dance video
*Directing a show for Chicago Improv Festival
*Promoting Drunk Monkeys
*Producing/Managing a book a friend of mine is writing
*Training for a 10 mile run (training officially starts in 1 week)
*Prepping & Research for a musical I am choreographing later this year
*Working part time for I Want to Draw a Cat for You

And then all the regular life stuff--chores, hosting houseguests, working on important legal things and future planning. You know. So there's that.


Team Gerdes


Solo Gerdeses

This photo was taken a few months ago by Emily Leonard. It makes me smile.