Nobody Wants to Know about my 2013 Fitness Goals


So here they are:

1) I want to get to dance class more. It makes me feel good and it makes me happy. So I want to make it a priority.
2) I want to run the Soldier Field 10 mile race in May. This means I will need to start training soon, and as we all know, I have zero tolerance for running in the cold. So this one makes me a bit nervous. And the furthest I've ever run is 6 miles, so this is a big jump in distance for me.
3) I want to do the full Chicago Triathlon again. I wanted to do the full Big Foot Tri in Wisconsin, but it turns out that we will be out of town that day, sadly.

I worked out yesterday for the first time in a long time, and I am hella sore today, but it feels so good. I am going to try to be better about it this year--when you work out you feel better and have more energy, so it's only good for you! I let myself take a few months of rest in there, and now it's time to WORK. I might also try some new fun classes here and there if I can, too. But for now, while it is cold out and I am trying to save money, I am going to use my arsenal of workout DVDs.

BRING IT 2013!!!


I also want to recommit to my fitness in 2013! I still workout, but it's gotten stale.

My big thing right now is I hurt sometimes, aches and pains and back and knees. What I'm working on mentally is finding myself HEALTHY. And strong. And mentally not worrying about the aches and pains. Because sometimes I think I use that as an excuse?

Does that make sense?

Totally. And it's important to figure out which aches and pains are normal with the amount of exercise, and which ones are your body telling you to stop or take it easy.

My knee hurts normally, and I've surprised myself sometimes by how the pain eases up when I work out. Not always, but sometimes. But yes, you and I both know how much better we feel when we work out, but I'm sooo good at convincing myself not to. Just gotta make it routine again.

Do you work well with a specific goal in mind? Maybe this is your year to tackle a sprint triathlon????

You ARE healthy and strong. In many ways.