It's been a small lifetime since I've blogged

How did things get so busy? I feel like things are moving faster than ever! I will try to dedicate some good blog time in soon to catch the world up of my thoughts and goings-on, cause I am sure everyone misses it, right?

Oh boy...what's been going on?

We got a car!
Latte was sick!
We went to Kate Roselle's wedding in Denver!
Fuzzy's birthday is Sunday!
I've essentially got my year's worth of creative projects mapped out!
Future Planning!
Saying goodbye to more friends who are moving/ have moved away! (Brandi to NYC and Kristen to LA)
I went for my first run of the year on Tuesday when it was warm! Now it is cold again.
I saw SOUNDGARDEN again on Tuesday with my girl Hanson! It was amazing.
The Drunk Monkeys live shows were a hoot! More in the future!

So yeah, more on these things later, yo!