So after not letting myself be sick this last week, and Katie's comment about my bro being in denial about being sick this week, too, it got me to thinking. Our dad, who I recall was rarely sick while we were growing up, used to tell us to never admit to being sick, cause then we were giving in. He would tell us to keep pushing and deny that we felt bad, and that "the only way to treat a cold is with contempt." He'd hate for us to miss school, and since I was the token sick kid in my class, I always felt bad when I had to miss, like I was doing something wrong. So now, as an adult, I think I have this same mentality. That if I give in and let myself be sick, I am a failure and admitting defeat. I feel stupid when I am sick, like I am letting everyone I know down. When really, giving in and sleeping and letting yourself be sick is a way to get over it faster.

It's interesting, is all.