The Only Downside to Wedding Dress Shopping is a Broken Tail Light

On Monday, Hixx, Kathe and I took our friend Sabra to the suburbs to look at some wedding dresses for her nuptuals next year (sidenote: if there ever was an awesome story of 2 people meeting and falling in love, it is Sabra's. I am so happy for her!). The 4 of us are the most non-girly, no nonsense women you will ever meet, so it was especially funny to us that we took a day off of work to go do the MOST girly thing ever in the MOST girly of places. We drove out to Norridge, IL (location chosen due to its proximity to the Longhorn Steakhouse) for Sabra's 11am appointment.

Who goes to David's Bridal at 11am on a Monday morning?

The answer: No one.

We were there before the doors were open, and there was absolutely no one in the parking lot. This was hilarious to us, and we did bits about trying to find parking, etc. etc. So much that we had to take photos to show how empty it was and how silly we were. Here are others:

IMG_1782 IMG_1784 IMG_1790 IMG_1792

We were so distracted that Sabra's notes flew all over the parking lot. It's ok though! There were no cars there to dodge!

Finally they opened, and we were kids in a candy store. Sabra was being very polite and professional, and me, Margaret and Kathe were instantly off the rails. I think we touched everything. And we had fun with the tiaras... IMG_1799 IMG_1804 IMG_1807

So then a little while later, while helping Sabra into a dress, I heard someone say my name, and the phrase "car was hit." Sabra told me to go check on it, and when I got outside, there was a lady in an SUV who didn't speak a lot of English outside, and my right rear tail light was smashed to bits. There were some dents and scratches, too. The lady had tried to get away, but swift Kathe caught her in time.

 IMG_1884 IMG_1888

"How did this happen?" I asked.
"I didn't see you." the lady said.
"How is that possible? I am the only car in the lot. And I am right in front of the door?" I asked, to no answer.

Because it was hard to see this red car parked in front of the door in the empty parking lot.

We exchanged information, finished up at D. Bridal, and did what anyone could have done in that situation: order the dessert sampler at the Longhorn Steakhouse. IMG_1899

So yeah. I've been to 2 body shops and am dealing with her insurance on fixing it. It sucks, but it certainly makes for a funny story. COMEDY!