The Evolution of Bob Weir

Back when I lived in Jackson, I got this awesome birthday card from a friend of mine that had the chant "It's your birthday today Yes it is Yes it is!" on it that we used to act out all the time. Then, based on a special episode of Blues Clues (that Ariel watched when she was a little tiny) in which Gloria Estefan wished Blue a happy birthday, it became this whole long thing. And we would call each other and do the whole long thing for everyone's birthday every year all the time. I used to count the messages I would receive of the special chant.

Then I moved to Chicago, and I brought it with me. And now a lot of my friends up here do it. Rebecca and I even once had a joint Gloria Estefan themed birthday party.  Rebecca, sharing in our love of all things classic rock, one year, added on a birthday message from Bob Weir of such bands as The Grateful Dead and Ratdog, and her impression of him cracks me up to no end. So now we Bob Weir each other all the time.

Then, several years later, I started running, and learned that there was a Grateful Dead themed 5K called the Terrapin 5k, to celebrate Jerry Garcia's birthday. Last year, I was most excited about this race, cause I wanted to run it as Bob Weir. Then I fell off my bike. HEARTBREAK.

So this year, I was UNSTOPPABLE. I did an amalgamation of old and young Bob, with jean shorts (look they have their own Facebook page!), a Ratdog tank top, a guitar, and a gray wig and beard.

Bob weir.jpg


Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K
Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K

I ran in freaking JEAN SHORTS. The only problem is that everyone thought I was Jerry. Which is understandable, big gray beard and all. I got a lot of "Happy birthday, Jerry!" comments, so I just started saying "Thanks, Man!" Next year, I need to put "I'm Bob Weir" on my back. At the beginning, someone said "hey, it's Jerry" and I said, "Actually, I'm Bob Weir" and they said "That's even better!" When he passed me in the run (I am a slow runner) he said "I didn't know you were a runner, Bob!" Awesome.

Bob and Fuzzy:

Bob Weir and Fuzzy Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K

I wore the beard the whole time! Also, as I finished, I played the guitar. Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K

After, they gave us "Munchies"--a quesadilla and a donut.
 Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K


Oh! You're Bob Weir! I thought you were channeling Fuzzy's pre-Sports Announcer beard. I get it now. Job well-done.

Well Played. It IS remarkably similar...