2 days later


I am sloooowly starting to feel more human again. Just barely. Last night at Apes, I was pretty unintelligible--it was really hard for me to communicate anything, and I noticed that I was talking with my eyes closed a lot. It was like I was super drunk or something, only it was fatique and muscle exhaustion. But the show was fun, and we were no holds barring it, so that's good. Next week is a DRAG QUEEN/KING challenge, and I am so excited I could spit.

So today, I feel all sludgy. I slept really hard last night, even after an afternoon nap, and today I am moving slowly. I have a rehearsal tonight, but it is a light movement one for me, so that is a relief. I need to stretch more and sleep more. I bet tomorrow, I will be more myself again and thinking clearer. I hope, at least! I still can't believe that I did it and that it is over.

So now, what's next? As I said, this Saturday, we are doing the Hell Run, and today we signed up for the Bucktown 5K on Sept 16th and we are doing the Crypt 5K on Sept 29th (wooo, close to our house!) I want to keep running til it is too cold for my delicate Southern constitution.

Apes has 2 more weeks left! If you haven't yet been this season, COME OUT OUT! It is massive fun each and every week.

Boobs of the Dead starts Oct 5th.

I am also working on producing a new show that will open in November--more info to come.

And hopefully we'll be releasing some new Drunk Monkeys episodes soon!

So yeah. Staying busy. Golly gee.


Camp Wandawega!


There was a baby goat galloping outside my office window today. It was so cute!

I love the things that y'all see out your window. Monkeys, goats, chickens, oh my!