Six Years!

Six years ago, on July 29, 2006, Fuzzy and I crammed a couple hundred of our favorite people into a hot un-airconditioned loft apartment and pledged our vows of love to each other. I had no idea how much our love could grow over the years, and how much I would continue to learn from, laugh with and be inspired by this amazing man. I am so blessed to have Fuzzy, and I am blessed that he loves me back. We've been through so many adventures together, and really, the adventures are just beginning.

Here's an awesome highlight reel from the wedding that Fuzzy made this week. It's so bittersweet seeing all the amazing people, and my sweet little daddy and memaw, who are no longer with us.

To celebrate this weekend, we got an awesome hotel downtown, went out for a nice steak dinner, drank champagne, had a couple's massage (VERY welcome, post triathlon) and had an awesome staycation exploring places we'd never been and eating delicious food. It was a dream come true!

This couple has been married for six years

True love!

On our wedding day, we had 2 wedding cakes from CostCo--one was white with white frosting, and one had a cartoon boy on a skateboard that said EXTREME WEDDING. We didn't want to do a cake cutting, and as a result neither of us had any cake. On Saturday night, my sweet husband surprised me with a tiny wedding cake, complete with a cake topper!

' Anniversary Cake

It was delicious! Such a sweet gift.

Thank you, Fuzzy for 6 amazing years of marriage. I love you so much!


Awwww! What a great video! And what a great wedding (despite the ungodly heat)! My most vivid memories were the great ceremony, getting you guys some water so you wouldn't die, and being INSANELY JEALOUS of the guy who wore shorts when the rest of us wore suits.

Much love to the both of you, and here's to 60 more great years! Yes, I said 60!!!

OMG that is such a sweet post! I love the wedding cake topper!! Fuzzy is earning a lot of attaboys!!! I love ya!

I am sobbing over the video!!! How wonderful!! You and Fuzzy are just perfect for each other. And I do miss David and Mom something awful, needless to say, especially David. The video is amazing.


AHAHAHAH Oh my gosh, I know. In watching the video, I was like "Boy, we were assholes for cramming so many people in that room with no air conditioning or chairs." That, and I noticed how long everyone's hair was. :)

I'll happily take that 60!

I am getting all my comments late, so I am just now seeing this.
Thanks, Mom!