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Oh Lawsy, things are busy. I've been having a BLAST with my creative and social and athletic lives these days, but have been letting the part of adulthood known as "chores" and "being responsible" go by the wayside. Here are some things I should be doing instead of posting this blog post: changing the cat boxes, doing laundry, putting away laundry, cleaning the bathtub, cleaning the bathroom floors that are all goopy cause of spray sunscreen,  cleaning the office, cleaning off the table, cooking, cleaning cleaning cleaning.

Here's what I have been doing instead:
Producing season 7 of Impress These Apes!, including a live callback show, a Tournament of Champions show and live casting special, and the regular run. Also, handling all press for the show, and choreographing and teaching the new opening number.

Impress These Apes Live Callbacks July 9, 2012
Photo by Elizabeth McQuern

Today I had the most fun working on a film written and directed by the amazing Elizabeth McQuern, alongside 6 other hilarious women in the Chicago comedy scene. We laughed for hours (and got a little sunburned). I'm honored to have filmed 4 shorts with Elizabeth lately!

Morpheriod film shoot July 15, 2012 Morpheriod film shoot July 15, 2012 Morpheriod film shoot July 15, 2012
Above 3 photos by Elizabeth McQuern

 Morpheriod film shoot
Elizabeth working her magic with the hilarious Kelsie Huff.

My awesome black light number is running (for the 3rd time!) for the next month+ with the Kiss Kiss Cabaret. I am really proud of the number! I finished rehearsals with them a few weeks ago.

This week, I start working with Geek Girl Burlesque at Gorilla Tango Theatre on their upcoming new show Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque. I am excited to get started with it!

And in a few weeks, I start working on another new project with a couple of awesome comedians that I admire and respect so much!

And the regular--dinner with friends, planning and performing some weddings, working a couple of part time jobs, and more triathlon training. And now, maybe I should go try to check ONE thing off that chore list...

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