I am not nervous about the triathlon on Sunday


Last year, I set this HUGE goal for myself--to do a Sprint distance triathlon. I worked hard hard hard and I ran when I could and I swam when I could and I biked when I could, and it was so hard... and then I fell off my bike. I had set my goal so big and placed it on such a pedestal, that when I couldn't achieve my goal, I was devastated.

This year, I set a big goal--to do the International distance triathlon--twice what I was training for last year. Another daunting goal! But I've been running and biking and swimming, and I am in better shape and form than I was this time last year (and beyond.) So when Fuzzy added on these 2 Sprint triathlons, we started thinking of them as training runs. I know I can do it. I am not worried. I am actually excited, even.

I am not going for time--I am going for completion. I know I will need to eat before I get on the bike. I don't like biking in my running shoes, so I will change shoes after I am done biking. I have to wear a knee brace on each leg, and I am going to take the time needed to get those secure and tight. I will not be disappointed in myself if I have to walk some during the 5K. I will be very happy when I have completed it.

Helping the matter is that the tri is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, so it won't be under the regular Chicago/ Lake Michigan/ downtown races-that-are-all-the-same scrutiny. We'll be biking and running on country roads! I won't know anyone there (besides Fuzzy and Shaun, of course) so there is no pressure. I can race at my leisure. I am predicting a tentative time of 3 hours.

I am ready.

I even have a tri-suit. Hardqore.

I probably won't be able to move on Monday. Of course, I have a dance rehearsal that night.

Think of us Sunday morning if you happen to be up in the 6amish time! I'll report back Sunday afternoon. YEAH!



Good luck! We're rooting for you from here. So proud!

Thank you, Katie!!!!

Take it slow and steady and keep your wits about you--don't rush it. You will do it and feel great about it!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! xox

Thanks, Clairey!!

You scared me for a second Erica! I read "triathlon" and "Sunday" and thought, oh holy hell, did I forget that the Chicago tri was this weekend? Hahaha!

Good luck and I hope that you do a fantastic job!

Good luck, Baby!! I know you can do it! Let me know how it was!! I am proud of you!