Reasons I Love Summer

Duh, we all love summer. It's the most fun time of year! I just felt it was important to put some of these reasons into writing as a public "thank you" to this amazing season.

1) I'm more comfortable in the heat. Since I have hyperhidrosis, I spend every day of my life covered in sweat and in wet clothing. Since sweating is a cooling mechanism, I am freezing all the time, so when it is hot out, I am able to stay warm! I can rock a hot day like no one's business. Sure, I might look gross, but I can assure you that I am comfortable.

2) Getting dressed is easy!  All I have to do is throw on a sundress, of which I have several. Today took me about 3 minutes to get ready, plus I look better dressed than I do the other non-summer months of the year.

3) The days are longer! The sun sets later, and since it is warm all night, you can extend your outdoor activities well into the evening. We biked home at 11pm the other night, and walked home from a concert last night at 10pm! Winter Erica doesn't want to be outside for over 4 minutes. Summer Erica never wants to go inside.

4) Activites! Biking, running, swimming, going to the beach, driving with your windows down. Heavenly.

5) Outdoor drinking! No explanation needed.

I'm so happy it's finally summer in Chicago.  Let's just hope it stays!!