Upcoming Runs!


Fuzzy and I are going hog wild this year, and signing up for a ton of runs. He's signed up for more that I am, so these are the ones I have scheduled.  If you are planning on running any of these, let me know!

  • April 7 - Bunny Rock 5K
  • April 14 - Race to Wrigley 5K
  • May 27 - Bike the Drive
  • July 12 - Bastille Day 8K
  • August 2 - Terrapin 5K (will this be my year to run it as Bob Weir?)
  • August 26 - Chicago Triathlon
  • October 21 - Get Your Rear in Gear
  • October - Carrera de los Muertos
  • Also, because we are awesome/crazy, we are considering doing the South Shore Sprint triathlon on July 28th as a pre-tri tri and anniversary celebration, and also the Hell Run on September 1, because, hey--Coolio!


    Come! Bathe Run with me!


    My goal is to run a 5K a month until this little thing squirts out of me so I may do the Terrapin with you!

    Please do! Though don't be scared if I am wearing a giant gray beard and drinking hot sauce.

    Looking forward to our Bunny Run!