The Many Lives of Erica Reid

Gmail does this thing so that if you put periods into the first part of an email address, it goes to the account without the periods. So goes to, etc, etc. And a lot of people use gmail these days, so it is often times the assumed email client when one is guessing an address.  Apparently, there are a ton of Erica Reids in the world. We all know about the famous one and also the one who loved horses when she was 16 over a decade ago, but there are others out there. How do I know? Because I get all their emails. Some emails with periods in different places. I get at least one email a week for a different Erica Reid. I try to be polite and reply with a "Wrong Erica," but sometimes I just delete them. Here is a sampling of emails that I have gotten recently:

1) A flight itinerary to Puerto Rico.
2) A request to redesign the website for a hip hop dance studio in Austin, TX.
3) Numerous emails from someone's cousin who was deployed overseas (come to think about it, I hope those weren't actually from my cousin...)
4) A group of friends trying to convince me to take boudoir shots with them in Colorado.
5) A presentation report.
6) A series of photos of frogs. This one is ongoing and is happening currently. It's from a garden designer in San Francisco, and I think it is for a web redesign, but still, it is funny to keep getting giant photos of frogs in my inbox.

Oh look, the famous Erica just had a new article published about her recently. She has a book out soon.  She sounds lovely.

But! I am doing better on my own image search--I AM BACK ON PAGE ONE! I have two photos there. I'm back on top!



Holy shit, that is awesome.

Let's start a campaign to get me to Judy's Page 1! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Judy! Juuuuuudy!

Judy Tenuta and Erica Reid