The Best Email Exchange in the History of the World


Today marked the triumphant return of the iced rosemary lavender soy latte at Metropolis. For some weird reason, I took a photo of it and emailed it to Fuzzy.


Here is the resulting email exchange that went down between the two of us:

Fuzzy: That credit card is touching your coffee's BUTT!

Me: That credit card is kinda known as a playa' around the office.

Fuzzy: Because it's a dry lake?

Me: Yes. It's a little awkward when the naked hippies show up to stand on it.

Fuzzy: Tell me about it.


 (If you don't get the reference, click here.)


Erica, this made me laugh SO HARD!!
Over the weekend sweetie and I had this little exchange--
Me: I wonder what happens if you fart on the moon.
Sweetie: It just gets trapped in your costume.
Me: (laughing) Costume?? Did you mean spacesuit?
Sweetie: No, I clearly meant costume. Didn't you know that Buzz Aldrin snuck a bear costume up to the moon and used it to scare Neil Armstrong? (does impersonation of a bear walking on the moon)
Seriously, almost a week later and I can't type that without laughing.

HAHAHAH! That is awesome! Man, I love things like that. Fuzzy the other day said that Latte was made out of "pancakes and binding pancakes", which wasn't what he meant to say, but it stuck, so now, that's what she's made of.