Well, well, Bob Harper...we meet again.

I've been feeling a bit jiggly lately ("May I call you Jiggly?") and with my stamina not up to where I want it, I need to get back into my hardcore workouts. I am ready to be ripped and strong again! On cold days that I don't want to run and days I don't feel like stinking of chlorine, it's easy to just use my lunch break at work as an excuse to waste time. But today I decided NO! I am going to WORK IT OUT. So I suited up and pulled out my old friend Bob Harper's Kettlebell Workout (introduction.)

HOLY SHIT. I forgot how hard these workouts are.

I need to make sure that I stick with it. My legs are really shaky, and my balance is shot, so I need to get my core strength back up. That will only help with my running, biking, and swimming, too. The kettlebell workout has a lot of squats, so I had some knee pain twinges, but nothing too major. I didn't go as deep as probably recommended, but, you know, safety first.

It was nice seeing Bob again--I really like his workout style. And of course, who can forget about Becky?! Oh, Becky....

So! Now, I can barely walk up and down my stairs at work, and I know I am going to be hella sore tomorrow....but that's a part of the fun, no?