Thursday RoundUp

Whew! Today was a busy one! Here are some random things from today:

*Reason # 1000000000 why I love my friends: I got an email from my darling Rine-Stone today, in regards to yesterday's blog post, that read: "I was at that Becky Drysdale show with you!  It was the eyeglass bit that sent you over the edge to the point of no return." Hilarious! I had no memory of what it was that was making me laugh so hard, but I love that Rebecca not only remembered the massive spectacle I made at the Second City, etc (seriously, y'all, I was laughing so hard I almost vomited. I was coughing up a lung), but the actual content of the sketch! And once she said that, I had a clear vision of it in my head. Oh man, good times.

*I seriously rocked at my job today. I love that feeling!

*I got 2 major things checked off of my personal to-do list today! I am still getting things done!

*I am on day 3 of wearing a skirt, tights, and knee high socks. It's my jam for the week.  I meant to take a photo yesterday so I could document each day, but I forgot.

*I have this black Banana Republic skirt that I got at the outlet mall in Austin 2 years ago, and I wish I had 100 more of them.  I could wear it every day. I want one in every color. I've worn it 2 days in a row.

*We got in new Fuck Cancer bracelets today! Expect them for sale soon!

*All you Mississippians are getting 80 degree weather today...we got crazy snow.

That's all for me today! I am off to my 5K packet pick-up!