Here are some things I am enjoying about today:

1) Leap Day!
2) THIS WEATHER! My God, 55 degrees is like liquid sunshine. I am wearing a skirt with NO TIGHTS!
3) We went for a run this morning! BEFORE work! We got up at 7am and ran 1.45 miles! I am sore as a mofo from my Bob Harper Kettlebell Extravaganza, but it felt good to get moving. Though, I need to remember that I need to eat before I run.
4) I desperately wanted huevos rancheros for breakfast, but all the taquerias on Clark were closed on my way to work. So I am getting Mexican for lunch!
5) When I got to work, I noticed that one of my eyes had a think coat of eyeliner on it, and the other had almost none. I was getting prepared to be a half panda all day, when I remembered that I had previous taken an eyeliner pencil to work for days that I go swimming! Go Erica from the past!  So I fixed it and feel like a normal person.
6) This shirt that Fuzzy gave me last night. It was all a dream... (with bonus boob shot!)

It was all a dream

7) This email exchange with my brother:
     Me: How's your day?
     Christopher: UH, how's my day? A monkey and a chameleon in the same day?