I Love Ellen

The two things in the world that make me emotional more than anything else are anything cancer related and the fight for Gay Rights. Specifically Marriage Equality Rights.

So I must first say Hooray for California for declaring Prop 8 unconstitutional! 

Secondly, I need to talk about Ellen DeGeneres for a second. I love everything about Ellen. I think she is one of the funniest women who has ever lived. I watched her stand-up when I was a kid, we watched her sitcom as a family, and I keep saying that I need to start TiVoing her talk show cause every time I see a clip from it I laugh until I cry. Seriously. Have you seen this yet?  I'm even reading her new book now, and I am loving it (and am thirsty for tequila*) and anyways, I just love everything about her.  So when JCPenney made her the new spokesperson and people started to protest, I was offended. How could this all-around wonderful person be a threat to traditional values? Ultimately, I would assume that people who shop at Penneys are the people who watch and love her show...

Here is a clip of Ellen discussing this and other things.

God Bless Her.


*you have to read the book.