We all saw that coming

I didn't get a lot of sleep Wednesday night. I just didn't feel right and couldn't do it. All day Thursday, I felt like I was going to vomit, but I was able to get through the funeral ok. Fuzzy and I thought I was just worn out and stressed, but I couldn't shake the nausea.  At Linda's afterwards, I laid on the couch the whole time and tried to eat a little, but wasn't successful. We left Linda's and I laid on mom's couch a while before we headed to Jackson. I dozed a little there. I slept on the plane almost the whole time, but when we got home, the stomach flu symptoms set in. (Thank goodness I wasn't puking on the plane!) I promptly fell asleep about 10 minutes after getting in last night, and Fuzzy brought me gatorade. My stomach felt so bad that I tried taking more pepto, but I could only take half the dose, so I left the cup of liquid on the nightstand. I knew that was a bad idea, but I didn't have the energy to do anything about it. I was up and down all night sick, so when it came time for work, I knew I had to stay home. I basically slept til 2:00pm, just now, when I decided I should try to eat some crackers since I didn't have dinner last night. Right now, my room is not especially tidy, and there are shoes, socks and magazines all over the floor by the bed. So I get up, grab my bottle of gatorade and the crackers, and...say it with me...drop the crackers onto the open cup of pink pepto, spilling it all over the floor, my socks, some magazines, and the heat dial from our heating pad on the bed. Yep. We all saw that coming.