Steve Wants to Draw a Cat for You

This is totally for real. I can't wait.

Also, Steve was listed as number 41 in Newcity's recent "Fifty People Who Really Perform in Chicago"

41 Steve Gadlin

Steve Gadlin and his Blewt! cohorts create some of the funniest, most imaginative projects anywhere, from the "Impress These Apes" show that first brought them to our attention, to his more recent "Nairobi Project" wherein he commissioned an email spammer to create plays for him which he produced. But he's on the verge of going big-time now: his "Don't Spit the Water" game show pilot recently aired on television and, later this month on January 27, he's really breaking out when he appears on ABC Television's "Shark Tank" to pitch rich investors on his project "I Want to Draw A Cat for You." Sounds Trump-worthy to us.

I'm one of those "cohorts!" WOOO!