Promoting My Friends!

This week, my friend and colleague, the amazing Steve Gadlin will be featured on ABC's Shark Tank, in which he will try to convince the "sharks" (Investors) to invest in I Want to Draw a Cat for You.  Seriously. He's gotten a ton of press about it--read everything here. I am so excited to see this!

Another friend and colleague of mine, the incredible Donna Touch, is competing to get a slot in the finals of the upcoming Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition. To do so, she needs your votes! Go to this link, click on the photo of Donna, enter your email address and click on the confirmation link that is emailed to you. You won't be signed up for any mailing lists of receive any spam (I should know, I am really obsessive about not-signing up for things.) You can see Donna perform at the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, Fridays at 11pm!