Physical Therapy

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My physical therapy is coming along nicely. I have to go twice a week, and also do exercises during the week on days I don't go to therapy. It's really an eye opening experience. Everything is hard! I am so out of shape, I have no stamina and not a lot of strength, so I struggle a lot. I am really frustrated that I can't do more right now, but I know it's one day at a time. My physical therapist is awesome, and I am learning pretty much how to properly use my knee for the first time in my life. The way my legs are built, my knee wants to always roll in, so I am learning to keep it pushed out. Building up those muscles. Again, I must say--it is hard. I've also learned that you are supposed to not have any pain when you do PT, but yet, I don't know how I can bend my knee or use any of those muscles without any pain. It always hurts. I just have to keep up with the exercises and keep icing it.  I also have this weird tape that wraps around my leg and knee to help strengthen it and keep it in place. I helps with the pain, too--I can go up and down stairs a little easier with it on. But it is weird--it is tape. On my body. Fascinating, right?

There were a lot of kids at PT on Thursday, and it made me wish I had gotten a little bit better treatment of my knees when I had my first injury when I was a kid. I was given some exercises, but I didn't keep up with them, or have a therapist that I went to work with. I wonder how my life would have been different if I had. BUT! What matters is that I am getting help NOW so that I can run, dance, do triathlons, take pilates, etc. I need to reclaim that part of my life. But for now, I understand that I am healing, and "letting the crops rest*." No one is putting any pressure on me but me. It's ok to take some time off.

*Rebecca told me the other day that she saw an interview with Neil Young, who said that every now and then, you have to "let the crops rest." So so true, and just what I needed to hear. 

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I wish we'd have known how messed up your knees were and started you in pt when you were a child. But we didn't know. I know you can do it, though! xoxo