So--what's new?!

The pilot premiere was AMAZING. It was awesome seeing our little show on TV with commercials and everything, on television for real. Fuzzy looked amazing on camera, and I think my favorite part was seeing our names in the credits. I have myself a sweet "Supervising Producer" credit on the show that I am VERY proud of. The party was a blast--so many amazing friends came out to cheer us on and be there with us so we could watch it together. We stayed out late, and then watched it on TiVo the next day. So cool! It made me cry a little bit.  Definitely surreal and amazing. Now, we wait and see what the network wants!

Other goings on:
I got new hair! These aren't the best photos, but I LOVE the look. I needed something to make me edgy again and to give me a boost of confidence, and this is definitely it.

New Hair! New Hair!

This week has been awesome for resting and trying to be more "normal" a bit. I've been going to bed really early every night and trying to rest my knee as much as possible. I am tired all the time, so i think I am decompressing. My knee is getting better--it still hurts some, but not as badly as before. Still can't run, though. I see a knee specialist on Monday, so I am anxious to see what he says and to learn what kind of rehab I will do for it. Next week, I am going to start working out again, with boxing, and hopefully some yoga and swimming. I am missing being active.

It's been FALL here the last few days! I know you Southerners are excited that it's been in the 80s for you, but here it's been chilly enough to require sweaters and jackets. I am not yet ready to say goodbye to summer (and definitely not hello to winter) but I love fall. I ran some errands after work today and I was so happy and content and felt like I could accomplish anything. I love it.

We're still trying to figure some things out, but with more free time comes more clarity, and we are making some good headway. Stuff like jobs and cars and the future and money...you know, all that adult stuff. But let me tell you, there is nothing more amazing than coming home and cooking dinner with Fuzzy and enjoying each other's company. He's dreamy.

Also, its now football season! Go Saints!

I will leave you now with these photos I took outside of Ryan and Sylvia's apartment after I fed their cats. While I was waiting for Fuzzy, I looked into this window and realized I was being watched by a ghost.
Ghost in the Window
See it?

And then I looked down, and was standing on this: Love at my feet.