Home Stretch!

I am now in the home stretch for the Insane Summer of 2011. Seriously, I went from 0 to 100 in the course of a few short months, and I think I am paying for it with a face fulla zits, a crick in my neck, and the bum knee. When I get mega overwhelmed and overstressed like this, I need to pretty much stop everything and reboot for a while. I am looking forward to September!

Apes closes a week from today! Only 2 more to go! What a fun trip this has been. The contestants continually amaze me, and we have a lot of fun up on that stage. When Apes closes, my KKC rehearsals will switch back to Monday nights (after taking a week off for Labor Day), so then I will have my Wednesday nights free again!

I think we are done with the wedding circuit this year, too. Whew! I performed 3 wedding ceremonies in 5 months! Each one was so amazing and beautiful and made me cry, and it is an honor that my friends trust me enough to put their special days in my hands. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends that I am able to share my life with (that goes for everyone--not just the ones that got married this year!)

The triathlon...yeah, I don't know what to do about that. I haven't biked or gone for a run in forever, so I am going to make the decision Friday night if I can do the triathlon Saturday morning. I am going to try to ride for a half hour tomorrow--if I can. I am still in some pain, and still limping, but I hope it is finally starting to get better. I am going to call the doctor next week to find out what to do next.

Someone recommended Tai Chi to me...that might be a fun thing to pursue. I am feeling like a lumpy slug since I've been forced to be sedentary. Soon I will be a good candidate for a "Before" photo.

I am really just looking forward to being boring again. I jumped back into the performance circuit with both feet, and now I am ready to bow out again. I want to nest. I want to scan the photos that I have set aside for scanning, put the newspaper clippings in a scrapbook, sort my clothes (remember when I said I wanted to dress better? That sort of fell away. Though now that I have been having to take public transit, I've started to care again a little more), sort our magazines, sort our books, purge purge purge! I want to enjoy my husband, my house, my friends, my cats. Make my own schedule.

Don't tell anyone, but I am excited for Fall.

I keep having this recurring dream that I am in high school and we are on an AB schedule, and I alternate English and Science classes.  In the dream, I can never remember where my science class is, always forget to do my science homework and can't ever find my book, and always forget to go to science class. Just that one class. I end up freaking that I am going to fail the class (which I think in my dreams is taught by Ms. Richter) and I just keep only going to Ms. Brittan's English class instead.


This is my song for the week (thanks to Rebecca for introducing me to it):