Dream Hair


Ooh, y'all. You know I've got some crappy super fine hair that doesn't look good unless it is super duper short. I've had about a million hairstyles and colors in my life, and I get bored really easily. Sadly, my hair grows way too damn fast. So I often times want to do weird and edgy things with it, I like it when it looks really severe or "fake" (as I used to say) and I get hair envy pretty often.

So when we watched last night's Project Runway, I SWOONED when I saw this model's hair and styling. SWOONED! I mean, take a look:


(Photo courtesy of www.mylifetime.com)

I mean, look at it! To die for! I wish I could do that with my hair--I one time wore these weird nub things in my hair for about 2 weeks and my hair was all bleached and weird and it looked crunchy and a little homeless.  Erica (the other one) could always pull off the mini-nub/ homemade afro-puffs so well, and mine were more like puny cheese doodles. Not gorgeous and luxurious like this.

Not to mention the fact that I've been swooning over Anya's hair the last two weeks. Her clothes and earrings, too, actually.

I've been wanting to do the shaved sides thing for a while. I love everything about it. But I don't know if I can pull it off....but if I can't, who cares, right? I'll just shave the rest off and it will grow back before I know it. Better to do it now than the ass cold winter, right?


shave the sides! it will look so amazing!