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The other morning, while hitting snooze on the radio alarm clock, I heard a few of the WBEZ/ Chicago Public Radio Pledge Drive Campaign clips: Real couples sharing their experiences and feelings about WBEZ. The couples say things like "my husband and I always have it on, and when one of us leans in to the radio, the other knows to listen for a moment and that will be our next topic of conversation." Or, "when we make dinner at home, WBEZ is always on, and we have to make a conscious choice to listen to music if we want to make it a romantic evening."

I used to love WBEZ more when they played music, but when their formatting changed, I became less interested. I don't like to follow much news, so that is strike one, and I always need to have music playing (it is in the Reid blood), so more often than not, I just get annoyed with public radio. Don't get me wrong, I love it and support it, but it just isn't always for me. 

So Fuzzy and I recorded our own testimonial. Enjoy.

As an mp3: WBEZ Promo

Backing track: Resolution by SDS Trio.

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I like this. I'm particularly partial to the background music . . .