More Photos from the DSTW Pilot!


The Don't Spit the Water pilot cast

The Full Cast!

Here are some more production shots from the Don't Spit the Water! pilot from the very handsome and talented Fuzzy Gerdes!

Transforming the ComedySportz stage

Steve and Paul hanging the curtains


Sign detail

 Cutie's marshmellows

My marshmallows, made especially awesome and expressive by our PA Ruby Park

 The guys

Greg, Paul and Bryan, chillin

The home game

The home game


Stock Yard Films, the awesome production company that did the shoot

 Louis gets the business

Monique Madrid and Louis Saunders, one of the Don't Spit the Water! Dancers

 The Don't Spit the Water Dancers

Don't Spit the Water! Dancers

 Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles!

 The performer in repose

Taking a moment before the show begins


Yay! So proud of you Erica! The pics look awesome. You are famoose!