This Blog Post Will Only Mean Something to Northside Red Line Users in Chicago

You know that (IL State Representative) Sara Feigenholtz poster that has been on that building at the Addison red line stop for over a decade? Well, for some reason, today it caught my eye again and I wondered what ole Sara was looking like now, since in the picture on the banner she looks like a 12 year old. Allow me to remind you:

(Pic courtesy of the Sierra Club.)

So today, I did a google image search, and I like these updated pictures much better.

She looks much more dignified here. (pic from

And here she is in action:
(This pic from Operation Snowball, an organization near and dear to my friend Dan's heart.)

Also, check out this awesome photo of her and Miss Foozie from her website!

SF and MF.jpg

I would like to start an official campaign to replace the Addison banner with a banner of this photo with Miss Foozie.

Rep. Feigenholtz's PR people, if you read this, the masses have spoken!