Something Good

Hi from MS. I am happy to say that mom's hearing went very well today and she was approved. Thank you all for your prayers--they have been a blessing.

I am really tired--what a day. I had to testify--that was interesting. Also, later when we were waiting for our lunch at a restaurant, mom took a big spill on the floor--thank God she didn't hit her head. She's ok, it was just stressful.

That's my new slogan for Vicksburg: Ok, but Stressful.

Heading back to Chi tomorrow to my sweet husband, my frozen tundra temperatures and my Frankenstein Kitty. I haven't even blogged about that--Parker had surgery last week. It went well, but she has the gnarliest incision/stitches on her back. The poor dear. Had some teeth pulled too.

So tired. Time for a nap. Thanks, friends, for reading.