Show Us How You Burlesque

We saw Burlesque yesterday!


It's been getting fairly bad reviews, but I loved everything about it from start to finish. The dancing, the singing, Christina, all of it. It was awesome and I wanted to see it again when it was over.

Here are some observations about the movie:
1) Not enough tattoos. Only one girl in the burlesque club in the movie had tattoos, and it was to show that she was the "bad girl."
2) Only one "tease" routine. Most of the numbers in the movie were straight up song and dance numbers--our burlesque shows more skin.
3) In Cher's big ballad moment, the tech guy asks if the wants a spotlight, and it shows him shining it on her, but when it shows her, she's in a blue light and lit from behind. There was no gel on the spot, nor was the spot on her. I don't know why that bugged me so much.
4) The choreography was really good.

The movie made me really excited to get back in rehearsals for my show!