Not Here...Not There Either


Fuzzy and I take off on our vacation on Saturday, and we are going old school. We are leaving the computers at home, and I am leaving my phone at home, too. What?! No phone, texts, emails, or games. We will be off the radar. A few folks have the info as to where we are staying, for emergency use only. Gosh, I can't wait! How liberating! While I am the first to complain about smart phones and how they take away human interaction now that everyone would rather be communicating electronically with others instead of talking to the people they are around, I will also be the first to admit to being completely dependent and addicted to mine. So I am ready to free myself of that shackle and enjoy my surroundings in paradise with my sweet husband.


I am looking forward to this trip for myriad reasons. It is my celebration of life, knowing that it is fleeting and that I might not be able to take a trip like this in the future. I am living in the moment, and we are going for it while we can.

It is my celebration for living through the hell that has been our last few years.

It is an escape from the "real" world--from work, stress, chores, grind. I want to rest, swim, play, have fun and relax!

It is a chance to see the more of the world--I've only lived in Mississippi and Illinois, and while I've traveled some, I've barely scratched the surface. I've daydreamed about vacationing on an island my whole life, and now it is coming true.

It is a chance to enjoy my husband's company and thank him for helping me get through everything. He's my best friend, greatest love, and partner in adventure. We're going to explore together!

This summer has been like one big vacation. We've been going out, seeing friends, enjoying food and drink, going to concerts, all while still staying grounded and real. We've learned a lot over the years and we've gotten better at finding the balance between stress and relaxation. It feels great.

When we return from our trip, the daily grind will seep back in, and we will get sucked into regular routines. But I am also striving for owning less, needing less, consuming less, working out more, dancing more, running and biking more, writing that screenplay that's in my head and generally finding who I am right now. I don't know who I am right now or what I am doing, but I am excited to find out.

Until then...Aloha!


That sounds amazingly fantastic. Enjoy your trip and your escape from everyday life!

Yay have fun! I'll be thinking of you guys! YAYAYAYAYAY!

I have a love/hate relationship w/my phone too. GOOD FOR YOU to leave it at home! It won't miss you! And it will be safe from being dropped in sand, salt water, and coconutty rum drinks. mmmmmmmm.