Jeans Vs Cutoffs

I know you've all be on the edges of your seats wondering what I was going to do with my poor ripped jeans, but FEAR NOT. I am here with an update.

This morning I stopped in at the Old Navy on my way to the train station downtown. While perusing the clearance racks, I noticed that they apparently recently offered a pair of jeans that no one wanted, as there were 2 racks of them and in every size they make. Lucky for me, they are a VERY SIMILAR wash and cut as my old ones with only a few minor differences. It is of note that my other jeans were not Old Navy jeans, so this was quite the find. I tried them on, and they fit like a glove! And only $16! Even better!

So not only do I have an awesome new pair of jeans....

...I'm about to have a really awesome pair of cut-offs!