I am so weird

I am at work right now waiting for the mail to come so I can leave and start my holiday weekend. So far, the working alone thing has been good--I have gotten a lot done around the office and have managed my time wisely and found ways to occupy myself. So far so good.

However, I just got out of my chair, got on the floor, and did 3 pushups.

I am not wearing athletic gear today. I didn't even bring any. I did the Shred level 2 yesterday so I am really sore today.

And so I just did 3 pushups. For no reason. And when I realized that it was hard, I got up and sat back down.

I knew I should have brought Parker to work today!

Speaking of, my husbeen went to a Cubs game this week, and these photos just showed up in his Flickr:

Parker loooves the Cubs

Latte loooves the Cubs
I had no idea our cats were such fans!

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