Me Want Food*

Maybe it's because I've been exercising a lot, but I've been so hungry lately. Here is what I ate yesterday:

7:45 am: strawberries and an energy bar before acupuncture

10:15 am: bird in the nest (fried egg, bread, ham and cheese), cappuccino before boxing

1:30 pm: baked mac and cheese with ham, salad, stawberries, kriek lambic

4:15 pm: turkey and cheese sandwich with aoli on baguette from Al's Deli in Evanston.

9:30 pm: polish sausage Chicago style, fries, coffee toffee

Each time I ate, too, I was starving!
It's 9:45 am now on Sunday and when Fuzzy gets back from swimming in the lake, I am going to make us strawberry waffles.
Heck yeah!

* We finally finished watching all seasons of 30 Rock. It was awesome.