A Dream Come True

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I've been to a lot of concerts.
My first was at age 7.
My first 4 years in Chicago were a constant battle over buying either food or concert tickets.
Yet, my whole life, I've had one major sadness or concert regret, and that is not having seen Soundgarden before they broke up.

I can still rock out to Soundgarden like nobody's business. My friend Jessica and I listened to Superunknown every other day our senior year in high school while getting lunch from the gas station Taco Bell (alternate days was Poison's Open Up and Say Ah.) The first time I heard Audioslave, I got pissed that someone had stolen Chris Cornell's voice, until I found out that it was him, and then I wanted to see THEM in concert. I crank my 90s alternative station in my car almost daily.

But this week, something magical happened.

Soundgarden is headlining effing Lollapalooza!!!

In Chicago. Where I live.


After several grueling days of thinking, I realized today that I would always regret not going. So we did it, we got tickets, and I am so excited, I can barely breathe.

3 days of amazing music. Seriously, take a minute and go to www.lollapalooza.com and take a look. SOUNDGARDEN!

The only downside is that my darling husband, who is 9 years older than me, was not a teenager when Soundgarden was big, and is therefore, not a fan. And homeboy has 3 1/2 months of me making constant references to songs and lots of singing. Poor guy.


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Shoot, I would like to see Soundgarden!!!