Today is the most gorgeous day ever!

My big work event in NY is next weekend, so I am only going to be blogging here and there until then. Things are hella busy, yo!

Special day-before Birthday shoutouts to my awesome Sister In Law, Katie, and to my good friend Laura (aka Raunch)! Yeah, April Fools Birthdays!

I'm done with this round of scanning, and it is great. I found this birthday card, which is a treasure in itself. One day soon, I will tell you why.

Yes It Is!

Also, Easter is coming, so it is time to stand next to the yucca plant!
Mom, C, E 79 (Easter?)

We took all (well, most) of our Easter photos next to that plant.

Here's that same year, in front of a different yucca plant.
Dad, C and E Easter 79