Snow has stopped. Sun is out. Power is back.

This week is the hardest week of my life.

Mental illness is such a bitch. Seeing your mother live in squallar (however it is spelled) is even harder.

I've shut down. Lost my ability to care. But yet, I keep getting hopeful, silly me, and then I keep getting angry.

I wish I was in Chicago with my wonderful husband and friends.

At least I have the amazing and strong support and united front with my big brother. I could not do this without him.

The cats are going away on Monday, in the morning before I come home. Then, we work from long distance, and figure out the next step for mom, her living situation (which should be in an assisted care apartment), the house, and ourselves. Cause my God, Christopher and I need to focus on our own lives for once.

I am still very grateful and aware of my blessings. Sometimes it is hard to see through the funk, though.


I'm thinking of you chica and sending lots of love your way. If I can help at all, give me a call.

Thinking of you all the time.
love you

I love you so much, girl. Let us know if Mom or Dad can do anything to help.

So much love, so much love.

Take care - hang in there - this, too, shall pass.