Thanks to the Giving to the Thanks

A few years ago, November 11, 2003, to be exact, my parents drove up to Chicago to give me and my friends and Southern Pre-Thanksgiving. They loaded up a cooler in their car with okra, Kraft garlic cheese, and other things that aren't as readily available up North and drove into town. I wish I remembered everything we ate--I know there was garlic cheese grits (my Dad's specialty), okra and tomatoes, butterbeans, apple spice cake, maybe there was turkey or ham? (if you were there, do you remember what else we had? Mom, do you?) We drank a lot of whiskey and had mulled wine and apple cider, and I remember Dad not wanting cider right away, but by the end of the night asking for a cup. He took a drink and said "ooh, this is spicey" and I realized that I had had the burner on it the whole night so basically he was drinking enough spices for a pot of cider, but with only one cup of liquid that had been cooking all night. I felt bad for that.

My plan for this week is to scan these photos in and post them here. But until then, here are 3 photos from that visit that I posted last year, cause they feature me and Dad. Stay tuned for the others.

Pre-event. We got pumpkins and haystacks cause they were cheesy. Rine-Stone terroized Tabitha with them, and it was hilarious.


This was after much whiskey had been consumed. For those of you in "the know," you'll notice that I am wearing the special slip. She must have come out for an impromptu performance.