This week there've been so many ups and downs that I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. Am I right?

But seriously, folks--in a perfect world, I would love to spend a day in a spa or something to decompress and reset my motor. Of course, that would take money that we don't have, so instead I am going to sleep as long as I can tomorrow without the aid of an electronic timepiece to wake me up.

Apes is going awesome awesome awesome this season. If you live in Chicago and have a free Wednesday night, you should totally come and see it. Not cause I am asking you to, but because it's a really fun show that everyone should see. We've got 3 weeks under our belt now...its always so amazing to me how once it starts, it just keeps on going and going and trucking along and then suddenly, its done. But the contestants are awesome this year, the challenges are better than ever, and the hosts and judges are on fire. If you don't live in Chicago and are curious to see what this is all about, we live stream the show Wednesdays at 8pm Central on www.impresstheseapes.com.

Peekaboo, the Halloween burlesque show I am working on, opens tomorrow! I'm excited to get it up and running--I've put a lot of time, energy, love, sweat, and tears (and a little of Natanya's blood due to an unfortunate tack incident) into these pieces that I've done for the show. The zombie number is a lot of fun, and the group number I did for the ladies of the show is amazing. A show stopper. I think it is some of my best work, and I am excited for people to see it. Shoot, I'M excited to see it!

I am still sick, dammit. Can't quite shake it. I am hoping the sleep thing will take care of that, too. Too much mucus for this lady, dontchaknow.

I leave you today with an old backstage pic from Don't Spit the Water on 7/2/05. Ah...look how young and innocent: