More Fun Shows

It's no secret that I have the world's most talented friends, and last week, I got to hang out with one of them! My friend Andrew plays/tours with Mike Doughty, and they were in town for 3 shows in Chicago last week. I saw them Friday night at the brand spanking new Lincoln Hall, the new music venue where the Three Penny Cinema used to be, owned and operated by the Schubas brothers.

The show was great. Here are some pics.
Stage before the show
The stage before the show.

Andrew and Mike
Andrew and Mike rocking out.

After the show, we went to the Golden Nugget for some milkshakes and giggles.

Me and Andrew doing our picture faces
Me and Andrew doing our "picture faces."

Me and Andrew doing Erica Red's picture face
Me and Andrew doing the other Erica's "picture face."

Chuch, Miriam, and Shannon
Chuck, Miriam, and Shannon