Here are some things that I hope to blog about soon:

My awesome and talented friends.
The burlesque show I am working on.
Mini golf and some mini golf memories.

I am feeling a lot better, but still full of mucus. I've been keeping to myself a lot this week and sleeping and thinking, and I think it has been good. It's been a busy couple weeks, too, with a wedding, and special events and lots of time with my amazing husband. I swear, I love being with that man. We have so much fun.

We had fall for a minute, then summer came back. I like summer, but I love fall. It invigorates me. The weather at least, not the viruses and crap that makes you sick.

The other day, I wanted to wear flip flops, but I was concerned that wearing flip flops while sick was going to make me even sicker. Fuzzy told me there was no truth in that. 'But you can't bare your feet when you are sick!' I cried, and he told me that I was weird for my Southern superstitions. I wore the flip flops. I am not sicker, but I do have a giant blister under a callus on my foot. Sexxxy.