Ah! Put Your Mask Back On

(pre-emptive note--if you are reading this at work, you might not want to have your speakers up too loud if you plan on clicking a link.)

Hey Dearies!
I am back--oh, what a week it has been. I was barely at a computer for days and days and then when I was, I was too busy or tired to write anything. So let's see...

REBECCA HANSON AND TIM RYDER GOT MARRIED! Oh man, it was beautiful. We had a busy couple of days, but the most fun was hanging with Rebecca and Tabitha the day of the wedding and having girl time together before the preparation clock started ticking. I spent all day Thursday and Friday with them and Rebecca and Tim's family, and it was great seeing them all and catching up. Kevin Hanson is one of the funniest men I have ever met. When the actual wedding time rolled around, everything was beautiful and perfect. It is amazing when two people's lives and personalities fit together so perfectly, and every wedding I go to makes me feel more and more blessed to have Fuzzy as my companion and partner. Each wedding we go to makes me feel like we are renewing our vows to each other. Amazing that next month we'll be married 3 years! I am a lucky lucky woman.

Saturday we helped out at the Chicago Media Future Conference and it was nice hearing what that was all about and meeting a lot of people that I have heard about forever.

Saturday night we went to Handlebar for dinner (yummy!) and then went to see Greek. I was proud of my dancers for their hard work, and got to see a lot of friends.

I've been reading a whole lot, too, and it is a whole new world that I am really enjoying. I have also started doing a bit more writing, and feeling like it is coming to me easier than ever. I am really really happy with where I am right now and the projects I am doing. It is a nice manageable amount of work and play. I'll do a book roundup sometime soon.

If you haven't noticed by now, Blewt! has a new web service available! www.farturl.com! Turn any website into a FartURL and have your favorite Don't Spit the Water characters give you a fart before you get to your destination website! Use it for all your URL needs! Prank your friends! There are some Cutie farts in there, so take a peek!

I am getting excited about DSTW on Saturday. I love that we've been doing the show for coming up on 5 years now. And because I am a sucker for the weird, I will be debuting a new bit, but there will be some oldies, too.

We are now taking submissions for Impress These Apes! Come on, you talented people! Show us what you got!

www.pushbutt.com is still going strong!

I rode my bike to work on Monday, and it was really nice, but a lot of hard work. I guess I had forgotten that I have crummy knees, so it took a little while to recover from it. We are doing the Late Ride next month (come join us!) so I am going to try to ride as much as I can before that, since 25 miles seems a little daunting. The important thing for me to remember right now is that the fact that I am being active at all is good--there is no need for me to put unrealistic pressure on myself to be GREAT. Slow and steady is good, and any exercise is better than none.

All in all, I am enjoying each day! Now, come on warm weather!

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