Been There, Ate That

Below is a comprehensive list of all the meals that we ate on our vacation. We shared a lot of what we ate, so I am just listing everything together. Prepare to drool.

Dinner: Geovantis Bar and Grill, Champaign, IL
Giant chicken fingers, french fries, spinach salad

Breakfast: McDonalds, Matoon, IL
Sausage biscuit, bacon egg and cheese biscuit, hash browns, coffee
Lunch: Rendezvous Ribs, Memphis, TN
BBQ smoked ribs, baked beans, cole slaw
Dinner: Wintzell's Oyster House, Hattiesburg, MS
Oyster Poy Boy, Gumbo, grilled oysters

Breakfast: Waffle House, Biloxi, MS
Waffle, grits, bacon, toast, eggs, coffee
Lunch: Calypso's Buffet, Isle of Capri Casino, Biloxi, MS
Buffet food. There was a lot of it.
Dinner: Farraddays's Restaurant, Isle of Capri Casino, Biloxi, MS
Ribeye steak, sirloin steak, lump crab meat, roasted garlic, ceasar salad, wine and gin and tonic

Brunch: Ole Biloxi Schooner, Biloxi, MS
Fried shrimp and oyster poyboy, hush puppies
Dinner: Wedding food! At Elizabeth's parents house in Biloxi. Food included: curried chicken salad, pasta salad, shrimp salad, home-smoked turkey, ham and pork loin, all prepared by Elizabeth's father and brother.

Breakfast: Waffle House, Ocean Springs, MS
Similar to above, only I had a sausage egg and cheese sandwich
Dinner: The Vortex Bar and Grill, Atlanta, GA
Bacon cheddar burger, Ragin' Cajun Burger, Sweetwater Blueberry Wheat Beer (local brewery)

Breakfast: Krispy Kreme Donuts, coffee, Columbia, SC
Dinner: Purchased from Rosewood Market, Columbia, SC
African peanut soup, wild rice salad, homemade by Katie tabouleh, grape leaves, salad, pickled okra

Homemade by Fuzzy dutch baby with strawberries
Lunch: Pita Pit, Columbia, SC
Chicken ceaser wrap, chicken club wrap, chips
Dinner: Christopher and Katie's back yard
Olive stuffed cheese biscuits, habenero and green chili chicken and turkey sausage on hoagie rolls, salad, s'mores with gourmet chocolate, sparkling shiraz, and a nice cigar

Breakfast: Cafe Strudel, Columbia, SC
Famous Hangover Hash Browns, bacon egg and cheese croissant, iced coffee
Lunch: Cape Fear BBQ, Fayetteville, NC
Carolina pulled pork, baked beans, slaw, fried chicken, potato salad
[Note: this was probably the meal that we enjoyed the least, and not for the quality of the restaurant. Turns out, we don't like NC BBQ.]
Snack: Chick-fil-A, somewhere in Virginia
Chicken nuggets, waffle fries, lemonade, Ice Dream
Dinner: Mickey O'Shea's, Baltimore, MD
Maryland crab cakes, fries, Guiness steamed shrimp, ceasar salad, lots of beer

Breakfast: Cafe Sweet Melon, Baltimore, MD
Ham Breakfast sandwich, Bacon breakfast sandwich
Lunch: Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Cafeteria, Washington, DC
Corn Masa with cheese and cabbage slaw, yucca fries, pulled pork empanadas, hazelnut blueberry stuffing
Dinner: M&S Grill, Baltimore, MD
Alaskan king crab legs, corn, green beans, fried shrimp, vegetable crab soup, creme brulee

Brunch: Phillips Seafood Express, Baltimore, MD
Crab pretzel, crab spring rolls, beer battered fish, mini crabcakes, fried shrimp, Baltimore coffee
Dinner: Obrycki's Crab House, Baltimore, MD
Steamed Baltimore Crabs, corn, rolls, Obrycki's Lager
Dessert: Sotto Sopra, Baltimore, MD
Liquid center chocolate cake with coffee gelato, Brulee cheesecake with blackberry, lemon and coffee sauce, coffee, Marolo Liqueur with Grappa and Camomile (amazing), Alexander Aqua di Vita Grappa

Brunch: Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD
Lump crab "benedict" with poached eggs, roasted red pepper hollandaise, and lump crab on fried green tomatoes with sweet corn and red pepper hash, Seafood trio omelette with crab, lobster and shrimp, savory grits with bacon, biscuit
Dinner: Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery, Hancock, MD
Pork chops, green beans, mashed potatoes, baked potato with cheese and broccoli, wildberry pie ala mode, blueberry pie

Breakfast: Pittsburgh Bagel Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
Vegetable bagel with garlic herb cream cheese, Challah french toast, side of bacon
Coffee Tree Roasters Coffee
Lunch: New Sandusky Fish Company, Sandusky, OH
Fried Perch sandwich, Fried Catfish sandwich, hush puppies, onion rings
Dinner: Turnpike Plaza somewhere in Indiana
Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, KFC Twister (yeah, not the best meal to end on, but we were hungry and tired.)

There you have it! So many wonderful meals, so many great experiences. I could eat seafood every day, and I am happy that on this trip, I did! Probably the most memorable meal of the trip was at Obrycki's, since the whole cracking crab concept was what compelled us to go to Maryland. They were so good and we were exhausted afterwards. That takes a lot of work! We ate 11 large crabs, leaving one behind that we named Jerry. Later, I bought a stuffed blue crab that we also named Jerry, and he became a mascot of our trip. Also of note, we bought some caramels with Old Bay seasoning. Yum! Those Marylanders love their Old Bay.