Thinky Dinks

Yo Dawgs.

My back is better today, but I am sitting with ridiculous posture to help prevent the aches. And by "ridiculous," I mean "good." It is hard.


The CIF Puppet Cagematch last night was awesome. Our team, the Noah Ginex Puppet Company delivered amazing scenes and huge laughs. They blew it out of the water, and I was so thrilled and proud that I was a part of it. Those are some talented folks (Amanda, Regan, Scott, Noah and Fuzzy.) Felt was hilarious and raunchy and tore the place up. Felt took home the prize (a sock monkey) but both teams were huge winners. (whoa--that was cheesy). Plus, we packed the house! Nice work!

It is always so difficult for me to be in groups these days, especially around old friends or aquaintences, but even seeing good friends. I really can't handle more than a few people around me at a time. Last night was especially weird, cause the show was at IO, a place that I used to spend hours and hours at each week and was a major part of my life. I come across as such an awkward dork. I was a little insecure about it last night, but then pushed through it, coming to terms with the change that happens in life and that I can't be everything for everyone. I have friends that accept my awkward dorkness, and that is all that matters. Everything else is peripheral.

It also really hit me that the first time I came to Chicago was 10 years ago this past weekend. I have lived here for almost 9 years. I came to Chicago for the Improv Fest at the tender age of 19 (it was my birthday weekend when we came up) and I thought I knew everything then. Oh, silly little teenage Erica. When I think back, I am really happy with the path I chose and where it has taken me. I like who I am and what I am now.

But that doesn't make me any less awkward in public.

Sometimes I think I would make a really good cat. I love sleeping and eating and am kind of snuggly and I whine a lot. I wonder what cats think about in a typical day. I'm not longing for the problems of a cat or jealous of them or anything, I am just saying that if I WERE a cat, I would be really good at it.

Whoa, check out this dork. LASERS!
Erica Spring Pic 92?