Shiver me Shivers

Happy Thursday!
Yes, we are freezing up here in Chicago, but yes, it is managable and even a little bit fun. For me, it makes every day feel like a holiday and it sorts of bonds us together with our frozen comrades and fellow commuters. Yes it hurts, but yes I've gotten way better at layering and keeping myself warm. I think the worst for me is having to sit in a cold car in -6 degree weather waiting for it to warm up before it will even think of driving. BUT it gives you lots of excuses to snuggle up on the couch with your loved ones and your kitty friends under a blanket--and you know I love that. So to all my friends and family in MS, thank you for your concern and for thinking of us, and I am sorry that the midwest is about to shit on you with cold. Bundle up!

Today I am officially starting to transcribe my Papaw Bane's autobiography that we found when we were in MS in September. I will post selections of it here as I go, for any interested readers. I am excited to read it myself.

NEWS! A very dear and beloved loved one of mine (I am being cryptic in case this news isn't public) is getting married this year and yesterday the incredible couple asked if I would officiate in their wedding! I am so honored and so excited and I can't wait. Thinking about it gives me chills. For anyone who has invited me to their wedding ever will know that I am a "wedding talker" and love giving speeches and talking about the couple. So what a treat this will be to play such an important part in the lives of 2 of my favorite people in the world. That, and once I am ordained through the Universal Life Church, Fuzzy and I will both be ordained ministers! We can do weddings together! Shannon says that we should do comedy acts as "The Reverends Reid and Gerdes." Hooray!

This Saturday is the birthday of many beloved friends of mine--Rebecca, Kate, Elaine and Delia. Happy Birthday Friends!

Tonight we are off to Schubas to see Department of Eagles, who sings my current favorite song "No One Does it Like You," which I tried to post a video of here last week, but then NBC got all cranky and removed the video from YouTube. Hey NBC, what is the problem with having a video from one of your shows on YouTube? NBC is a free network, yes? So say I am looking for a video for a band I like, and the only video I find is from, oh, let's say "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." I click the link, and see Conan talking. In my head, I think "Oh, there's Conan O'Brien." BOOM! FREE MARKETING!! See how that works? Now I know that Conan O'Brien's show plays quality bands, and maybe I think of watching it some time in the future. Instead, you take the video down, which makes me think "NBC is a jerk." So my advice is--leave the videos up! It will get us talking about your programs, like SNL and The Office, which will only make us want to watch more, therefore turning on NBC. And for that free advice, you are welcome.

Stay Warm, folks!