The Chucklebowl Holds the Answer

If you have thought to yourself any of the following things:

I wish I had New Years Eve plans.
Laughing is fun.
I don't like to spend lots of money.
I really like bowling.
I wish I had seen Don't Spit the Water before they closed their 4 year run.
I wish I could see DSTW again--too bad they closed their 4 year run.
I like drinking.
I like comedy.
I like drinking with Erica and Fuzzy.
Mmmm pizza.
Who Farted?

Then The Chucklebowl Spectacular is your answer!! We are reuniting for ONE NIGHT to ring in 2009 with laughter, pizza, cheap beer and fart jokes. Doesn't this look like fun?
Photos by Monte.

Full Details are below.

And for Funsies, here is a sneak peek at what you might see (dedicated to Nellie):

Video by Dan.

Tight Five Productions is teaming up with Blewt Productions, the team that bought you the smash hit live game show Impress These Apes, to present the city's most off-beat and affordable alternative to this year's New Year's Eve events.

The third annual "Chuckle Bowl Spectacular" takes place at Chicago's retro Lincoln Square Lanes on the North Side and features the following:

*A one night only revival of Blewt's popular live audience-interactive
game show Don't Spit The Water.

*Open bowling in all 12 lanes throughout the event - enhanced by
theatrical lighting and music from renowned DJ "Bubbles Sanchez."

* Multiple video screens showing some of the funniest off beat film
footage ever committed to celluloid with some specially re-imagined
music videos to some of your favorite tunes.

*Free pizza and full, value-priced bar featuring $3 domestics and $4 shots.

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 9pm-1am.
Lincoln Square Lanes, 4874 N. Lincoln Ave. (773.561. 8191)
$20 advance, $25 at the door. 18 and over. Advanced tickets available at
Uncle Fun (1338 W. Belmont Ave., 773.477.8223) and on-line at