Bork Bork Bork

Boxing Day? Sure, why not.
On Much Music, Canada's awesome video channel we watched constantly when I was growing up, they would always have "Triple Play Boxing Day" where they would show 3 videos in a row of the same artist. It ruled.

I woke up this morning relatively easy and I actually left the house earlier than I usually do to go to work. I was even fairly chipper! But then I went outside for the first time since Wednesday night and discovered the classic Chicago Blizzard + negative 3 weather + warmer 33-40 degree weather + plummet back down to freezing at night = EXTREMELY DANGEROUS DEATHLY ICE DEATH WORLD. Holy moly, the sidewalks are like ice skating rinks (and I should know...I'm an expert on ice skating now, you know) and it is impossible to lift your feet to walk or you might fall and break your neck on the sidewalk. Sheesh. Then I got to the car, which looked like it had been wrapped in that plastic privacy sheen that you often find on bathroom windows. As I started the half hour scraping session, the only other people on the sidewalk that I saw this morning walked by asking "Oh, is it that bad?" Yes, friends, yes it is. After being completely unsuccessful in driving the car over the giant ice fort that was built around the car, I had to go be an asshole wife and wake up my dear sweet warm and sleeping husband who has the day off to help me get the car out. Ugh. But I made it to work, and I survived the death walk from the parking lot to my office without any major slippage. A small victory.

Anyways, I am feeling much less grumpy now.

THE CASSOULET TURNED OUT AMAZING. Holy Crap I think it is the best thing I have ever eaten. I can't wait to get home so I can have it for dinner.

I think Bell's Winter White might be my favorite beer ever. Thank God Bell's is back!

Last night we saw the video to "Do they know it's Christmas" and I like to think that this conversation happened on set:

Producer: Um, hi, Bananarama. Thank you so much for taking the time out to come record this song. Um...I know we said we just want you to sing the chorus, but as it turns out, we are actually filming the recording session to be our music video. I know you just probably rolled out of bed to get here, so if you want to take a few minutes to maybe fix your hair or change clothes or something, we can wait for you.

Bananarama: Um, no. We spent hours trying to look like this.
(and scene)

In other news, the Chicago Tribune named Impress These Apes "Hands down the best comedy show in Chicago." Thank you. Really. I certainly don't need any recognition or praise for any of the shows I do--that's not why I do them, of course--but sometimes, it just feels good.

Look for the Don't Spit jokers on the WGN morning news again Monday morning.

Everyone, go out there and Box! Just be careful not to slip and fall. Unless you fall in a Box--I guess that would be appropriate.