A Love Letter to Chicago

Dear Chicago,
I know lately I have been making a lot of comments like "When are we going to move to a warmer town?" and threats to move to Starkville so we can have a house and a yard and hang out with Delia and Melissa, but I just want you to know that there are so many things that I love about you that make me overlook the fact that it is only 20 degrees outside.

Chicago, you introduced me to my greatest love, my sweet and wonderful Fuzzy, my best friend, my sweet husband. You teased us for years by having us be friends and then surprised us when you brought us together on your crazy elevated train system. I believe the reason we both came to Chicago is so we could meet each other and be in each other's lives. How cool are you?!

You have given me and continue to give me the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. Friends who are loving, compassionate, hilarious, inspiring, and wonderful. Good to the core. I am blessed and amazed each day to have these people people in my life. I have learned so much from them over the years and I continue to do so. They have gotten me through so much.

You have given me so many amazing performance opportunities, whether it be improv, sketch, drama, dance, film, etc. You have allowed me to dream up the craziest ideas and make those ideas a reality. You are a never-ending source of inspiration and dreams coming to fruition.

Chicago, Damn your food is good! Anything our palates desire, you give us. And your beer is awesome, too.

You are so beautiful in each and every season.

When I first moved here in May of 2000, I said I was only going to live here for 10 years. Now that I'm at 8 1/2, and although I may have a touch of the wanderlust, you give me no reason to ever want to move.

Unless I wanted a house and a yard and weather that is warmer than 30 degrees half the year. But I can overlook that.

Thank you.