muck muck muck muck

DADA opens Friday. That pretty much sums everything up for me. Life right now is work, DADA, struggle to get to sleep cause I am so tired, struggle to wake up cause I am so tired, wash rinse repeat. I am in the constant state of unattractiveness, with a permanent white sheen on my eyes, zits all over my face and fried hair that I don't bother to fix. My eyes are constantly blurry. My body is bruised all over and it hurts to stand up and walk across the room.

And I love every minute of it.

I am really proud of this year's DADA show--it is so very personal for me and so emotional in many ways and I feel good about my contribution. I have written pieces about (among other things) loss, mental illness, fear, and emotional void. I personally am afraid of the holidays and the emotions-both good and bad-that I know it will bring, and I am happy that I have allowed myself to have this outlet of art to channel all these feelings into. I am working with an INCREDIBLY talented cast and crew, all of whom it is an honor to work with and that I love dearly. Our creepy little DADA family. Yes, almost every cast and crew you work with on a show becomes a little family of sorts, but with DADA, it is different--these folks see you inside and out, all your weirdo habits, all your crazy thoughts, all your cryfests, all your moodswings. Personal space is thrown out the window. It feels both completely vulnerable and scary and yet completely safe. As they say, some of my best friends are DADAs.

Yesterday, when I was struggling to keep my head up and my eyes focused and my food down, I mentioned to Fuzzy that the tired I feel now pales in comparison to the tired I felt this time last year. And it is for a much happier reason. So I know I'll get through it--I can get through anything and come out the other side a little different, a little better.

Won't you come see it? Show info is on the sidebar. Certain performances you might get 2 Gerdeses for the price of one (Fuzzy has also written a lot of pieces for the show and also will be acting in select performances. Yay!) Cause we need a little Christmas, right this very minute.

Oh, and the McRib is back!